Dr.Matrone Carmela obtained her PhD in the field of Biomedical sciences at the Medical faculty University Federico II of Naples where she is currently employed as associate professor in Pharmacology and where she has established her independent group, working on Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases. She was trained as post doc at European Brain Research Institute in Rome working in the prof RL Montalcini lab (Nobel prize for NGF discovery in 1986). In 2012, she moved to the University of Health in Aarhus, Dept of Biomedicine, (DK) where she became associate professor in pharmacology in 2014 and where she is currently a guest lecturer. She is involved in extensive international collaborations with eminent scientists and she is member of several associations in the Neuroscience field. She has authored more than 50 scholarly publications (journal articles, monographs, book chapters, and copyrighted assessment instruments). She has made approximately 50 research and professional presentations at international, national, regional conferences as speaker, moderator, as well as an organizer. She is an experienced peer reviewer for international scientific journals and as well as for international granting agencies in the Alzheimer’s disease field.